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Whole Child, Inc.

Stress Mastery Strategies for a Lifetime

Stress Mastery Strategies for a Lifetime

Stress Mastery Strategies for a LifetimeStress Mastery Strategies for a Lifetime

Our Mission: Preventing all forms of stress-related illnesses.

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Whole Child, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization working to limit the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and other stress associated illnesses, on mental, physical and emotional health.  


Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

ACEs are Adverse Childhood Experiences or traumatic events such as abuse, neglect and household dysfunction. These experiences cause toxic stress chemicals to be produced that impact brain development, a child’s ability to learn and focus in school and even future generations through genetics. 

ACEs are common, highly interrelated and have a cumulative impact. 

Left untreated, they cause heart disease, immune suppression and mental health disorders.  Most importantly, they limit a child's potential to grow into a happy, healthy adult, and cost the US business economy approximately $600 billion annually. 


Making a Difference

Adverse Childhood Experiences can be prevented, and education is the key. We share ACEs education, stress mastery skills and evidence-based capacity building strategies with individuals, groups and organizations. Shifting thinking and using stress in an innovative way; to fuel positive change.

Your Contribution Helps Us Build Community Resilience.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and fund our mission to prevent adverse childhood experiences, develop stress mastery skills and build community resilience.

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